First Presbyterian Church of Inverness, FL

First Presbyterian Church is a Stephen Ministry Congregation

Presbyterian Church

206 Washington Avenue

Inverness, FL 34450

Office: 352-637-0770

Fax: 352-637-6326

Corporation Officers

Don Bailey, President          Cheryl DeVore, Vice President

Bob Purcell, Secretary     Betty Jones, Treasurer

Session Elders

     The Session is made up of the Pastors and 18 Elders serving three year terms on a rotating basis. They are charged with maintaining the spiritual governance of the church and have authority over all church activities. The Session does much of its work through various committees and task forces.


     The Deacons are charged by the Session with certain specific responsibilities within the local church. At First Presbyterian of Inverness, the Deacons are responsible for assisting the pastors with the care of the congregation and its members. The Deacons also do their work by various committees.

Class of 2017

Alicia Downing

Sandra Koonce

Nancy Pekins

Carolyn Smith

Keith Spong

Jill Sumner

Class of 2018

Don Bailey

Steve Hyrcaj

Arnold Johnson

Betty Paschall

Bob Purcell

Linda Waldron

Class of 2019

Paul Alford

Cheryl DeVore

Russ Hackett

David Meyers

Ella Nardone

Adele Wardrop

Class of 2017

Bruce Cook

Joan Fritzeen

John Keyte

Sylvia McKean

Phil Swain

Class of 2018

Lori Greene

Adela Isham

Mili McDougal

Sheryl Salakas

Linda Tompkins

Class of 2019

Carol Crisante

Ron Embling

Diane Freund

Jeanie Roberts

Tom Zurawski